Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I think these guys summed it up nicely.


At 3:49 pm, Blogger Mussolini said...

I wish the Un had said something (anything) similar about the hideous anti-semitic cartoons that Saudi Arabia has been producing for decades.

Do you support "hate speech" laws that make this illegal?

At 6:27 pm, Blogger Edd said...

Muss: the statement from the UN (specifically the S.G. Kofi Annan) is a call for peace targetted at the demonstrators, not Denmark. The Secretary General wouldn't attempt to breach the sovereignty of Denmark by telling them what to do about the cartoons, as they wouldn't tell Saudi Arabia what to do about anti-semetic cartoons. It's not his place.

Saw this on slashdot, and quite liked it:

One wonders where to find the Muslim mobs shouting "Down with Al-Qaeda! Down with terrorism! Stop killing innocent people in the name of Islam, because YOU are profaning the very name of Islam. Stop ridiculing the name of the Prophet in the eyes of the world by claiming that murder is part of Islam!"

Yes, Muslim governments are trying to control the terrorists, but governments always do that sort of thing. Where are the clerics denouncing the suicide bombers and those who send them? Why is there not a loud RELIGIOUS opposition to these people?

Because if there isn't, then the world is quite JUSTIFIED in believing that the terrorists are right when they claim that Islam teaches them to kill innocent people just because they belong to a nation that they claim are "enemies of Islam". And if Mohammed really did teach such things, then the caricatures of him are completely justified.

So don't attack the messenger! Don't attack the cartoonist who says "this is the picture that Muslims are showing us of Mohammed." Attack the people who are GIVING the world this picture of Mohammed.

and this, brief but can't really argue:

Attack: Cartoon
Defense: Death threats, burn down buildings, deface websites, protests, and the list goes on.

Conclusion: Overkill?

Incidentally, the IHT way of showing articles is awesome. I'm a big fan.

At 6:31 pm, Blogger Mussolini said...

If everyone in the world was "tolerant" we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Intolerance breeds violence.

At 10:19 am, Blogger Becca said...

It's an interesting question about the existence of religious mobs denouncing the terorists.

Apparently, according to the Muslim message board I linked to before, I've come across a post or two saying how in several countries there have been protests but that they have been largely ignored by the media.

It is true that we hear of the extremist clerics fuelling the violence rather than attempts to counter it. Although attempts to counter it are generally less visible with inter-religious dialogue and so on long-term deeper strategies than one-off protests.


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